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Testing to Find the Fastest Bicycle Wheels

Precursor - The critics and those with a vested interest I have added this section to the start of this blog post. The method this test uses is called transient state and it is used when aerodynamics are constantly changing. This is difficult to explain in detail in one blog post so I have linked to a youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwrCrU4KG-I Forward to 10m20, this shows the clear difference between steady state and the real world The important part of the video is at…

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Hambini vs Flo Cycling

I do not usually write this type of post but I wanted to clear a few things up. I am an engineer by training and one of my weaknesses is I am unable to articulate myself as well as I would like. This is mainly because English is not my native language. There have been a lot of negative words exchanged between myself and FLO cycling about their wheels and I wanted to clear a few things up. My engineering is Genuine A…


Bottom Bracket Pressfit and Creaking, an Engineering Analysis

f you are reading this you will have probably already come across the numerous posts by various individuals in Internet forums across the web. The issue of creaking bottom brackets has been blamed on the introduction of pressfit and directfit bottom bracket standards, where bearings either push directly into the bike frame or push into cups which are then pushed into the bike frame. General guidance varies from taking everything out and regreasing it to installing with extreme measures such as epoxy resin.…


Aero Bike Wheel Test… The Fallout

Those of you who are avid viewers of a number of Internet forums will have noted that some results from my bike wheel wind tunnel testing have been contested and criticized. The ultimate result was I ended up getting banned from weightweenies for a week for calling Tom Anhalt of bike blather a spec of shite on the anus of humanity and a letter went from Flo Cycling to my HR department to ask for me to get the sack. One of the…


Testing to Find the Fastest Bicycle Wheel Hubs

The aerodynamic performance of wheels often grabs the headlines and the marketing budget but the reality is the hubs and the bearings within them will have more of a performance differential for the average cyclist. As an example, the power differential between wheels of an equivalent depth at speeds of less than 35km/h will only be 1-2W, the difference in bearing friction can easily exceed that. Wheel hubs and freehubs account for around 60% of the rotational friction in a bicycle drivetrain. The…


Ceramic Bearings vs Steel Bearings… An Engineering Analysis

One of the most controversial topics in the cycling industry is with regards the topic of Ceramic bearings and whether they do or do not reduce friction dramatically in riding. This article will address some of the concerns and topics associated with this debate and quantify the numbers. Internal Bearing construction - Ceramic bearings are not 100% ceramic Ceramic bearings are in actual fact hybrid. They use ceramic balls and usually a steel inner and outer race. The ceramic balls are often silicon…

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